About Me

Welcome to this site. A site where an eternal student (me) shares my musings on everything and anything under the sun.

First and Foremost: I am a MAT – A Typical and PROUD Mat.

Mat: A Malay Man in Singapore (or Malaysia) (Mahmud, 2014, Alatas, 1977) who pays only  SGD$50.00 for his wedding  (Everything Also Complain (2012)).

Second, what type of Mat am I (NOT)?

1) MAT ROCKER: – NO, I am not. Though true be told all Mats have some “rock-er blood” in them.

2) MAT MOTOR: Hmmmm…. Maybe. A motorcycle is my main form of transport in Singapore, but that is about it. Other than basic motorcycle maintenance, I have not other specialty skill in motorcycle maintenance.

3) MAT REMPIT: NO, I am too cowardly to squeeze in between and zig zag. Though I do admit to occasionally using Lane 1.5  during massive jams, and it is ALWAYS Carefully.

4) MAT RAPE/REP: NO, And may I suggest you do not ever call me or another Mat, a MAT RAPE, unless you desire a trip to the hospital. It is the HIGHEST insult to a MAT. Calling me a Mat rape, and there is nothing else to discuss between us.

5) MAT REP: Mat Reputations. They are loud, coarse in their language and generally create nuisances. Generally aged 15 to 19 years and armed with trucker caps on their head.

6) MAT Abang, abang CBD: NO, though I may have all the markings of one, unfortunately, I have never worked in the CBD or likely to do so.

7) MAT BOLA: NO, While I am proud that my skills are enough to prevent me from being classified as a “Kaki Bangku”, but very far away from reaching the level that Mats are known from. And I am not a fan of soccer. I prefer Rugby instead.

8) MAT JIWANG/EMO: NOPE, Can never ever reach that level I guess. Constantly love struck? Nahhhhh….

9) MAT MUSIC: NO, The only instrument that I can play is my harmonica (barely), and do not get me started on the recorder (or is it the flute?). Singing? Perhaps, during droughts, and when you want it to rain. Yah. I can sing at that time and probably be thanked for it (causing it to rain).

10) MAT TAPERED: NOPE, I cannot even fit into normal size jeans, so skinny (or tapered jeans/pants) are out of the question.

11) MAT GYM / MAT ABANG BESI: Mat who likes to spend time in the gym. Typical Well-built or sado/sapaw.

12) MAT SMART (or Smart MarMat): NO, To be a Mat Smart, you have to be EDUCATED in the first place or at the very least smartly dressed. I am neither.

For a better description of the different types of Mats, click here

Third, what type of Mat am I then?

1) MAT KENTAL: Probably. Yes, I am kental/nerd/”bulliable”

2) POLY-MAT(h): Perhaps, But No, no. Not the Mat who is in polytehnic (educational institution). But an aspiring one or a work-in-progress polymath and autodidatic.

Maybe I can introduce myself as a MAT, Poly-MATh (as in Bond, James Bond)

That pretty much sums me up and that is all you need to know about me.

Let Me know what type of Mat do you think I am. And anything else about Mats.





To know me click here

Sofyan Sahrom

Smart-Mamat the Poly-MATh – Your typical Mat Singaporean



Alatas, S. H. (1977).  The Myth of the Lazy Native: A study of the image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th century and its function in the ideology of colonial capitalism.

Everything Also Complain (2012). Amy Cheong blaming divorce on cheap Malay weddings., October 8, 2012. https://everythingalsocomplain.com/2012/10/08/amy-cheong-blaming-divorce-on-cheap-malay-weddings/

Mahmud, A. (2014). Internalised Racism and Youths: Responding to Stereotypes of Malays in Singapore.

Juhari, M.S (2011). Perceptions of Singaporean Malay-Muslim Youths Participating in Community Outreach Programmes – Capacity Building for Critical Thinking?

Sahrom, S.B. (2001). Types of Mats. Matology.




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