– The study of Mats

Matology refers to the study of the science and art of Mats behaviour, mindset and worldview. All Mats are disciples/students of Matology.

One can argue that being a Mat is a racial thingy, you can only be a Mat if you are of a certain race.

There have been arguments that Being a Mat is a state of Mind. One might argue that this state of Mind, refers to being lazy and slacking of.

I choose to disagree, being a Mat refers to being laid back and open to new ideas and instructions. It refers to seeing the big picture and knowing which are important.

I am a Mat and proud to be one.

To be a Mat, one must first adopt the Mat mindset.

The next stage is to go through the real BMT, which refers to Basic Mat Training, NOT Basic Military Training. The real BMT is conducted almost everywhere. The venue are the Void Decks.

In the real BMT, the future MC (or Mat Candidate) will undergo a strict training syllabus which includes, learning to lepak, finding a corner, playing a musical instrument, how to squat (full squat or Asian Squat), learning how to write a 2 wheel vehicle (minimum Vespa), play carrom, battlefield layout of the void deck, basic motor coordination skills so as to not be called a “kaki bangku” and other basics of being a Mat.

Once the Mat Candidate has completed, BMT and has proven himself, he can be called a Mat. Some Mats will choose to end their training here (me). Though some Mats (the better ones) will choose to further their training at IMT.

IMT refers to Intermediate Mat Training, NOT Individual Marksmanship Training. Here the Mat will choose a specialising and earn his advanced Mat Title. So for example, if the Mat choose to be a “Mat Motor”, the Mat will undergo all sorts of training and knowledge on all aspect of motorcycling and being a Mat Motor. Other useful skills here include, how to pick up a Minah.

Sadly I was never good enough

So go forth and embrace Matology.



Sofyan Sahrom

“Your average Mat in Singapore”