Sofyan’s Dictionary of Matology

BMT – Basic Mat Training, (Not Basic Military Training)

Refers to the training, where a young “Mat Candidate” undergoes to receive basic training to qualify him as a Mat. The most common venue for this are Void Decks.

IMT – Intermediate Mat Training, (Not Individual Marksmanship Training)

Refers to the next stage of training, where a the new-minted Mat (after graduating from BMT) goes through. The Mat will choose his specialisation during this training.

Abang “Body” or “Berg” or “Sapaw”

Refers to the Bodybuilder Mats.

Kaki Bangku

Means leg of a stool, refers to someone who lacks basic motor skills. All Mats learn in BMT to NOT be a Kaki Bangku, being a Kaki Bangku will disqualify you as a Mat and be disavowed from the Brotherhood of Mats.

Iceblock Bergerak

Means moving refrigerator – Means koff koff “F**”


Emotional. Wear heart on your sleeves


Short for Half, means to share half of sometime.


Literally means press or squeeze. But in this case, it refers to call (telephone) E.g: Ok, bro, if anything picit (call me)



Step Jambu

An act/expression put up by a Minah (sometimes Mats) which can be described as a peacock showing off the tail/feathers.


Refers to a male individual who is a disciple of Matology. Mat is usually a general term. Its the suffix after the word Mat which indicates the Mats “Advanced Training”. For example, a Mat Motor is an individual who has gone through BMT and IMT.


Refers to a female individual who is a disciple of Matology. Just like Mats, Minah is a general term. Its the suffix after the word Minah which indicates the Minahs “type”.

P.S if you do not know the meaning of the word suffix, then perhaps your English is not as good as you think, and you are not as educated as you think.